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We have lower interest rates than in the traditional financial system. Forget queues, paperwork or hidden charges.

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Period Ann. Interest Rate Monthly payment Total payback
12 months 9.7% 0 lei
24 months 12.3% 0 euro
36 months 12.3% 0 euro
You save
275 lei
in comparison with a traditional credit!
* Calculations are estimative. To find out the exact interest rate, it is necessary to fill in a financing application.
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Dear friend, let us inform you about our official launch. We will say thank you by offering a 200 MDL/50 RON discount at your first loan.

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Monthly payments can be paid with cards issued
in the Republic of Moldova

Our advantages

We serve thousands of people per second. We guarantee that you are always the first in line.
We have only one concern: Have you decided where to spend your free time with family and friends?
Fagura gives you money and more free time!

100% online

Forget about queues at the bank and the paperwork. It's simple!

Transparent calculations

You pay equal monthly rates. No hidden charges.

You save money

Lower interest rates than in the traditional financial system.

Early repayment

Want to pay off your loan early?
No problem, the charge is 0%.

Videographic: What is Fagura?

Fagura is a new financial world that connects investors interested in higher profits with borrowers who get lower interest rates than in the traditional financial system. We are not a bank. Our online community is like a honeycomb, where everyone takes a bit of honey. Life is sweeter when you have more money.

Your borrow from people's money

The major difference in the Fagura model compared to the traditional one is that you get the loan from other people that we call investors - small amounts of tens or hundreds of investors that help you meet your life goals.

How to borrow?

1. You open an account

Give details about you. It takes a few minutes.

2. Complete the application

How much money you need and for what period?

3. Investors offer money

Investors finance your application

4. You get the loan

We sign the papers and you receive the funds in your bank account

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